Peter Davies and his gyroplane will deliver something truly different at this year’s airshow.

Peter’s gyroplane display has, in his own words, been formulated to be fun, exciting and exhilarating, and if you were at Throckmorton Air Show last year, then you couldn’t possibly disagree with any of that!

Something very different from the rest of the acts on show, Peter really does get ‘up Close and personal’ in his gyroplane, a type he has been flying for some 20+ years. He was first issued a gyroplane Display Authority (DA) in 1991 and he became an Display Authority Evaluator (DAE) in 2012, displaying aircraft at several major events including Paris Air Show, Biggin Hill, Farnborough, Blackpool and Manchester.

© Gyro Air Displays

© Gyro Air Displays


Autogyros were invented by Juan de la Cierva, just 20 years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight, and they marked a departure from conventional fixed-wing aircraft as they were an attempt to invent an aircraft that couldn’t stall!

The name ‘autogiro’ was the trade name for Cierva’s make of aircraft, although now they are also known as gyrocopters, gyroplanes, autogyros and just gyros, and they were the first rotary wing aircraft to fly successfully under full, safe control.


They rely on a phenomenon known as autorotation, where the airflow makes them spin by the aerodynamic forces of the airflow through the disc of the rotor and over the blades, exactly the same way a windmill blade turns. No power, just the wind.

All that makes for something totally unique, and we are delighted to invite Peter back to Throckmorton Air Show once again.

Remember, admission to this year’s airshow is by advance ticket only – get yours now by clicking HERE.

More than half the available places in our photo enclosure have also sold – you can buy those HERE – but you will need an admission ticket too.

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