It’s here at last! Throckmorton Airshow 2016 tickets are now available.

Firstly an important reminder – there will be no admission tomorrow without a ticket – so use the box on the homepage or head for the ticket page now.

We are pleased to announce TEAM RAVEN will be displaying with their bigger, better, team display for 2016!


Team Raven Pilots

Raven 1 – Simon “Sid” Shirley

Simon/Sid is a serving RAF fast jet pilot with nearly 4000 hours (mostly on fast jets) having served on the Tornado F3 & Hawk as an Instructor at RAF Valley.  Having done a couple of ground tours & a tour in Afghanistan he was most recently a Grob Tutor Elementary Flying Training Instructor where is currently serving on 57(R) Sqn at RAF Cranwell.  He joined the Team to lead it in its first year on the circuit in 2014 having bought his RV4 early in that same year.  This is his second season as a display pilot.

Raven 2 – Steve Lloyd

Steve is the brainchild behind Team Raven having previously been a display pilot for 3 seasons in Team Osprey with his Yak 52.  He has been a private pilot for more than 20 years & has now amassed almost 1000 hours in various types including his own Jet Provost a number of years ago.  Steve is a businessman having his own carpet & furniture businesses across the South Wales catchment.  In this his now 5th season as a display pilot, Steve is flying his own RV8 which he built himself, completing it in late 2013 & is currently building another RV8 in his garage at home.

Raven 3 – Barry Gwynnett

Barry is another founder of Team Raven along with Steve and is also in his 5th season as a display pilot; again having flown with Team Osprey in his Yak 52.  Barry has 1500 hours as a private pilot having flown most barn storming type aircraft including Piper Cubs from farm strips.  Another self employed businessman, Barry is a heating engineer set up in South West Wales.  He is flying his own RV8 purchased for his role in the Team in late 2013.

Raven 4 – Gerald Williams

Gerald is an experienced display pilot having previously been a member of Team Viper displaying Strikemasters & Hunters but has also displayed Yak 52s in South Africa as well being a rotary wing pilot.  Having retired from professional rugby, Gerald is a self employed businessman from South Wales and has over 1000 hours to show for his 20 years as a private pilot.  Gerald is flying an RV8 he bought as a kit & completed in early 2014 with his building partner.

Raven 5 – Mark Southern

Mark is the only Team Raven pilot who makes his living as a professional pilot flying as an airline captain for a well-known package tour holiday operator based out of Manchester airport having retired as an RAF fast jet pilot 20 years ago.  He has a total of 20,000 flying hours but has only recently added piston types to his logbook after a lay off of over 20 years.  Another experienced display pilot, Mark also previously flew with Team Viper in Strikemasters & Hunters.  He is flying an RV8 he purchased in early 2014.

We are small team and that means that we will be unable to monitor this site after this evening or respond to all your email queries, so, most importantly, if you are unable to print your tickets, please bring your email confirmation or proof of purchase to gain admission.

While the site does have a page for frequently asked questions, here are a few facts about the show. Please, please don’t email to ask us about any of these as we most likely be unable to answer:

Gates open at 10am
Flying starts at 12.30pm
Exact timings will be confirmed tomorrow and updated by our commentator, should anything change
The flying display will finish at approx 16.30pm
Don’t try and watch the display from outside – there will be a POLICE road closure. Failure to comply will result in your vehicle being towed away.  
Food and drink will be available, but feel free to bring your own
If you want to sit down, do bring your own chairs
If you haven’t got tickets – get them before you travel to the show!

Please keep any eye on our social media for last minute updates.



Enjoy the show!


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