The Yak-50s are one of the world’s finest and most charismatic aircraft. They look, sound and feel like a little fighter and have appropriate performance. Acrobatically, they are a delight to fly and Yak-50s won two world aerobatic Championships which speaks for itself. This particular aircraft was one of three originally modified to look like Lavochkin-7 fighters for a film and flew for around 40 hours during filming.

It was then stored for around 10 years in Moscow, before being exported to the UK in 2002. Since then G-JYAK has been privately owned in the UK and flown formation aerobatics with the Aerostars formation Display Team until it was sold recently and joined the Percival Provost with the Czech Mates Display Team based at Branscombe and Dunkeswell in Devon. Since the Russians chopped up the vast majority of 50s, these lovely aircraft are rare and a highly sought-after aircraft.

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