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    Throckmorton to Attend BADA

    The Throckmorton Airshow Organisers will be attending the BADA Conference 10th Feb 2022 to discuss the future of British Airshows.

    In 2009 a meeting of a few airshow organisers was held at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford to discuss some of the problems faced by organisers and compare notes. Having recognised the benefits of the meeting an invitation was sent out to the wider airshow community, resulting in over 80 attending a meeting at the 2010 MoD-sponsored post-season symposium at RAF Northolt.

    It was the consensus of those attending that an organisation representing the air display industry as a whole in the UK was needed. A working group was appointed who set about looking at the format, articles of association, membership and administrative details required and in April 2011 a Launch event was held and the prospective membership voted to form BADA and appointed the board.  Coincident with that decision, the Air Displays Association (Europe) disbanded and its committee confirmed its support for the new Association, encouraging its membership to join BADA

    The Show Must Go On!

    The show must go on….

    The organisers of the Throckmorton Airshow are extremely happy to confirm that on 20th April the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) gave the go ahead for the show to continue.

    Since the regulation changes occurred only seven weeks ago, the show’s future has been hanging in the balance due to ‘safety changes’. The show’s organisers and volunteers had already spent months organising the event, only to be told three months prior to the show date that there was a possibility that display lines and Risk Assessments would have to be amended.

    After several conversations with the Civil Aviation Authority and with no changes implemented, the organisers are pleased to announce the show’s future and everything that it stands for; raising money for charity, will be continuing.

    Airshows are the UK’s second largest outdoor activity, secondary only to football – and where else can you bring the whole family for such exciting outdoor entertainment on this scale, in Worcestershire?

    Throckmorton Airshow is in it’s 9th year and this year’s show promises to be the biggest and best yet.

    Confirmed so far – RAF Typhoon, BBMF, Team Raven, Tiger 9, King Air and Chinook, with many more to come.

    Despite the astronomical price increases from the CAA, the Airshow team are keen to reassure everyone that ticket prices will not be affected. A new Traffic Management team has been put in place and all aspects of the show have been agreed with the Safety Advisory Group (SAG).

    This year the Throckmorton Team are set to raise valuable funds for Midlands Air Ambulance and RAFBF, but without your help and support the show could simply not go ahead.

    Finally the team want to thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience in the process of finalising key assets with the CAA; safety will and will always be our first priority. Tickets are now available online HERE you can also keep up to date with announcements on twitter @TAirshow and Facebook.

    Tiger 9 Confirmed

    This is the only display in the world to have 9 Tiger Moths in close formation!

    ThTiger 9 Belvoir Castle 2011e Tiger Nine formation team was formed in response to the request for a flypast of nine Tiger Moths at the 25th de Havilland Moth Club rally at Woburn Abbey in 2005. Based on a core of former Diamond Nine members, a new team, led by Jeff Milsom, engaged in a series of practice sessions, necessary to achieve the objective of flying the large close formation flypast at Woburn. Having risen to the challenge; the team went on to develop their full display routine for seasons to come; and we’re delighted to welcome them to Throckmorton Airshow!

    The Tiger Moth is rarely the first choice of machine for a formation display, it requires a mature discipline to minimise the risks involved with operating a large group of Tiger Moths simultaneously. There is, however, something very British about doing it the hard way for the sake of it. When questioned why they do it, there were a number of different responses all along the line of it being ‘real flying’, ‘fun’ and ‘flying with a group of people where there is great camaraderie’.

    So please, don’t miss out! Buy your tickets today to see them display at Throckmorton Airshow.

    Spitfire & Hurricane to represent BBMF

    We’re delighted to welcome the BBMF Spitfire and Hurricane to Throckmorton Airshow 2022.

    The Hawker Hurricane is one of the classic fighters of all time, designed and built for war. It was at the forefront of Britain’s defence in 1940 and it played a major part in achieving the victory of 1945.

    Sir Sydney Camm CBE commenced the design work for the Hurricane in 1934 (Camm went on to design the Typhoon, Tempest, Hunter and Harrier). 
    The prototype Hurricane (K5083) made its maiden flight on 6thNovember 1935 and deliveries to the RAF commenced just before Christmas 1937 to 111 Squadron at Northolt (8 months ahead of the Spitfire).

    The Hurricane was the first British monoplane eight-gun fighter, the first RAF aircraft to exceed 300 mph in level flight and the first production fighter with a retractable main undercarriage.

    During the Battle of Britain, RAF Fighter Command fielded more Hurricanes than Spitfires, and Hurricanes achieved a similarly greater proportion of combat kills during the Battle.

    A remarkable total of 14,533 Hurricanes were built and the aircraft served operationally on every day throughout hostilities, in every operational theatre and in many roles. At the end of World War Two in 1945, Hurricanes were still in the front-line helping to ensure final victory in the Far East.

    With the end of the war, Hurricanes were quickly retired from service as the rapid progression of aircraft design and capabilities had effectively rendered them obsolete and the aircraft’s job was done. The vast majority were simply scrapped and broken up. Sadly, today, there are only 12 Hurricanes still airworthy worldwide; only 6 of those in UK. The BBMF is proud to operate two of these historically important and rare aircraft.

    The Spitfire: Produced in greater numbers than any other British combat aircraft before or since the War, 20,341 Spitfires were built in 22 different variants (excluding the navalised Seafire) and the aircraft remained in production for 12 years.

    Spitfire 19 SqnThe prototype’s maiden flight took place on 5th March 1936 and Mk1 Spitfires entered RAF service (with No 19 Squadron) in August 1938.

    The development potential of the original design allowed the Spitfire to establish and then maintain the air superiority so vital to the defence of Britain and to keep pace with the improvements in performance of enemy fighters throughout World War Two.

    Spitfires fought in every operational theatre of the War and remained in RAF front-line service up to 1954. At the end of its development the Spitfire carried an engine producing more than twice the power of the original, its maximum take-off weight and rate of climb had more than doubled, its firepower had increased by a factor of five and its maximum speed had been increased by a third; all this in essentially the same airframe.

    The Spitfire played a major part in achieving ultimate victory in World War Two and truly deserves its place as probably the most successful fighter design ever, and certainly as the most famous and charismatic of all time.

    The Dakota is representing at other shows to maximise the display teams exposure and deliver the iconic and commemorative Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. The Lancaster is sadly still in sick bay.

    Local Lifesavers at Throckmorton Airshow

    Amongst #VolunteersWeek who better to announce the support of than St. John Ambulance.

    St John Ambulance is proud to be supporting the Throckmorton Air Show for another year. More than 20 of our volunteers will be on hand on the day to provide first aid wherever, and whenever, it’s needed.

    Every week, St John Ambulance first aiders can be seen out and about at events all around the West Midlands. In 2015, we attended hundreds of events in Worcestershire, including Worcester Warriors and Worcestershire County Cricket matches.

    We believe that everyone who needs it should receive first aid from those around them and that no one should suffer for the lack of trained first aiders. This is why our volunteers are trained to deal with everything from minor cuts and bruises to life or death emergencies, keeping events safer for everyone.

    To find out more about the UK’s leading first aid charity, details of first aid courses in your area, information on how to join as a volunteer or youth leader, or to support St John Ambulance with a donation, please visit or call 0121 236 6660

    Samantha Jones, event organiser and full time Paramedic says, ‘We’re truly thankful and appreciative of everyone who supports the show and works with us to put on a safe event, ultimately raising funds for the RAF Benevolent Fund and Midlands Air Ambulance. Thank you!’.

    Chopperbatics with OTTO and O’Brien’s Flying Circus to Entertain Crowds

    2022 sees OTTO the Helicopter join O’Brien’s Flying Circus and we’re excited to see the display at Throckmorton Airshow this year. OTTO has been a legend of the North American airshow industry as well as entertaining airshow fans all over the US, the UAE, Mexico, Canada and Australia. Now based in the UK, OTTO will continue the legacy set in the USA displaying across Europe with unique and entertaining displays.

    OTTO is a Schweizer 300C helicopter. With his fully articulated, three bladed rotor system OTTO is ideally suited for our sensational rotary displays.

    Renowned aviator and airshow commentator Brendan O’Brien has formed his own Flying Circus. Using his considerable showmanship and flying skills he has created a versatile act that will wow the crowds at displays throughout the UK and Europe.

    O’Brien’s Flying Circus mixes barnstorming and innovation to create an exciting and awe-inspiring display, combining the art of Crazy Flying with the precision required to land on the world’s smallest runway! The Flying Circus will also include additional acts incorporating a wealth of new aviation talent.

    First Jet Provost MK5/MK3 Pairs Display to be at Throckmorton Airshow

    Throckmorton Airshow have the pleasure in being the first airshow for the 2022 Jet Provost Pairs Display.

    Displaying them for you are pilots, Squadron Leader Dan Arlett, flying the immaculately presented JP Mark 5, and Flight lieutenant Olly Suckling, in the newly refurbished JP3.

    These two examples represent the RAF Jet Provost trainer aircraft which successfully trained thousands of RAF, Royal Navy and many overseas air forces’ pilots from the 1950s through to the early 1990s. Indeed, the Jet Provost was the RAF’s first all through Jet Trainer to enter service and, across the various marks, span 40 years of Service.

    As you will soon see, these aircraft still wear the traditional red and white paint schemes which became synonymous across the RAF’s flying training schools. This colour scheme lasted until the mid 90’s when, for conspicuity, an all black training aircraft livery was incorporated across the basic and advanced training fleet for flight safety purposes. Black being easier for pilots to see against the cloudy skies of the British Isles.

    Whilst both the aircraft and the pilots are cleared and qualified to deliver fully aerobatic displays, due to the current CAA restrictions in place, this display has been amended to be non-aerobatic and predominantly flat.

    However, these pilots are still able to show off the aircraft using graceful fly pasts, dynamic pull up and reversals and, as you will see, high energy opposition passes.

    These aircraft have a straight wing which means they have the docile handling characteristics but, as you will hear from the noisy Rolls Royce Viper engine, have the thrust characteristics of more powerful front line fighter jets. This combination proved to have outstanding flight training qualities hence the type’s success in Service.


    C-17 Appearance latest display line up at Throckmorton Airshow

    FORESTVILLE, MD – SEPTEMBER 18: The US Air Force Thunderbirds are seen rehearsing their persision flying routine, September 18, 2015 in Forestville, Maryland. This weekend the Thunderbirds will perform at the Joint Base Andrews Air Show in Camp Springs, Maryland. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty 

    We are delighted to confirm that a C-17 Globemaster will be making an appearance at this years show.

    The C-17 Globemaster III is capable of rapid, strategic delivery of troops and all types of cargo to main operating bases, anywhere in the world. The design of the aircraft allows it to carry out high-angle, steep approaches at relatively slow speeds, thus allowing it to operate into small, austere airfields onto runways as short as 3,500ft long and only 90ft wide.

    The C-17 can transport 45,360kg of freight more than 4,500nm whilst flying at heights in excess of 30,000ft. The C-17 gives the RAF a long range strategic heavy-lift transport aircraft that can operate close to a potential area of operations for combat, peace keeping or humanitarian missions worldwide.

    The C-17 Globemaster III is the latest addition to the RAF’s inventory of transport aircraft. The aircraft can operate into and out of problematic sites such as those surrounded by inhospitable terrain or made difficult by adverse weather conditions. The fully-integrated, electronic flight-deck and the advanced cargo-handling systems allow a basic crew of only two pilots and one air loadmaster to operate the aircraft. On the ground, the aircraft can be turned in a very small radius and its four Pratt & Whitney engines are fully reversible, giving it the ability to manoeuvre into and out of restricted parking or freight-offload areas at undeveloped strips.

    Be a ‘helicopter hero’ at Throckmorton Airshow 2022

    Midlands Air Ambulance is the charity responsible for funding and operating three air ambulances serving the communities of six Midlands counties: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands. This constitutes the largest air ambulance operating region in the UK.

    Since 1991, the charity has responded to more than 43,000 missions averaging 2,000 per year, making it one of the longest established and busiest air ambulance organizations in the UK.

    The charity’s three aircraft each carry a crew comprising pilot, two paramedics or flight doctors plus full life-support medical equipment. Operating from strategically located regional airbases, 90 per cent of the region is within reach, within eight minutes.

    If a patient reaches hospital within the Golden Hour (60 minutes after their injury) their chances of survival are dramatically increased. That is why the rapid response of the Midlands Air Ambulance is so vital in an emergency situation. What is not widely known is that Midlands Air Ambulance receives no Government or National Lottery funding. Each Midlands Air Ambulance mission costs £2,500 and in excess of £7 million is needed each year to keep its three air ambulances operational, which is donated entirely by the public and local businesses, with four in ten of those we help funded by Gifts in Wills.

    The charity is fortunate to count on tremendous public support and good will, but never takes this for granted. Winning and keeping hearts and minds is an essential and constant challenge. That is why it regards the real ‘helicopter heroes’ as not only the aircrew, but those often unsung ground heroes, its fundraisers.

    Please be a fundraiser and help raise vital monies to keep this service airborne and able to continue saving lives! Buy Tickets

    Read more about the Midlands Air Ambulance charity at:

    Throckmorton Airshow also has the RAF Benevolent Fund as a chosen charity. For more information, please visit: We’ll have more news from them shortly.