Chopperbatics with OTTO and O’Brien’s Flying Circus to Entertain Crowds

2022 sees OTTO the Helicopter join O’Brien’s Flying Circus and we’re excited to see the display at Throckmorton Airshow this year. OTTO has been a legend of the North American airshow industry as well as entertaining airshow fans all over the US, the UAE, Mexico, Canada and Australia. Now based in the UK, OTTO will continue the legacy set in the USA displaying across Europe with unique and entertaining displays.

OTTO is a Schweizer 300C helicopter. With his fully articulated, three bladed rotor system OTTO is ideally suited for our sensational rotary displays.

Renowned aviator and airshow commentator Brendan O’Brien has formed his own Flying Circus. Using his considerable showmanship and flying skills he has created a versatile act that will wow the crowds at displays throughout the UK and Europe.

O’Brien’s Flying Circus mixes barnstorming and innovation to create an exciting and awe-inspiring display, combining the art of Crazy Flying with the precision required to land on the world’s smallest runway! The Flying Circus will also include additional acts incorporating a wealth of new aviation talent.

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