Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As we approach the show it is harder to answer all of your queries, due to us being on the airfield, preparing the site. So, in the kindest way, please take a moment to see if your question (and the answer to it) is listed below before contacting us. Of course, if you do need further information, we will do our upmost to assist.


  1. When is it? Saturday June 11th
  2. What time does the flying display start? Approx. 12:30 (flying times can be subject to change depending on weather locally and from where aircraft are flying from).
  3. What time can I arrive from? You can arrive from 8am
  4. What time does the show open? The show ground will open at 10am
  5. Can I bring my dog? We strongly advise not to due to the noise of the aircraft, however, if you do due to it being a PAT/Support dog, please ensure they stay on a lead and with you at all times. DO NOT leave your dogs in a vehicle.
  6. Is there refreshments available? Yes. We have 9 refreshments stalls with various menus as well as the option to purchase a VIP ticket which has a 2 course meal included.
  7. Are there toilet facilities? Yes.
  8. How do I get there? Please see our ‘Find Us‘ page
  9. How much is Parking? Parking is £3 per vehicle and can be purchased through Eventbrite when also purchasing your tickets.
  10. Can we bring our own picnics? Yes.

Frequently Given Advice & Requests from the Throckmorton Airshow Team

  • Please ‘Drive to Arrive’. Set off in good time to arrive between 10am when the show ground opens and by 11:30am before the displays start. Parking opens from 8am.
  • Be Prepared: Please dress suitable for the weather (planned and unexpected). This includes sun cream, hats and hopefully not ponchos and wellies!
  • Be prepared: Batteries. Charge them. phones and cameras. Make sure you have contact numbers for those in your party (you’ll be surprised…).
  • Stay refreshed: It’s surprising how weathered you get on an air field. Please drink sensibly and take on plenty of soft drinks to keep hydrated.
  • Plan: If you’re attending with children or grown ups who like to wonder, choose a meeting point to always find each other. Synchronise watches. Check you have each others numbers before you set off.

Safety and Site Respect

  • Please help us keep a safe site for everyone, including the aircraft displaying.Please place all litter in a bin provided or take it home with you.
  • If you notice anything that causes concern to you, please report it to one of our many volunteers in a hi-vis.

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