First Jet Provost MK5/MK3 Pairs Display to be at Throckmorton Airshow

Throckmorton Airshow have the pleasure in being the first airshow for the 2022 Jet Provost Pairs Display.

Displaying them for you are pilots, Squadron Leader Dan Arlett, flying the immaculately presented JP Mark 5, and Flight lieutenant Olly Suckling, in the newly refurbished JP3.

These two examples represent the RAF Jet Provost trainer aircraft which successfully trained thousands of RAF, Royal Navy and many overseas air forces’ pilots from the 1950s through to the early 1990s. Indeed, the Jet Provost was the RAF’s first all through Jet Trainer to enter service and, across the various marks, span 40 years of Service.

As you will soon see, these aircraft still wear the traditional red and white paint schemes which became synonymous across the RAF’s flying training schools. This colour scheme lasted until the mid 90’s when, for conspicuity, an all black training aircraft livery was incorporated across the basic and advanced training fleet for flight safety purposes. Black being easier for pilots to see against the cloudy skies of the British Isles.

Whilst both the aircraft and the pilots are cleared and qualified to deliver fully aerobatic displays, due to the current CAA restrictions in place, this display has been amended to be non-aerobatic and predominantly flat.

However, these pilots are still able to show off the aircraft using graceful fly pasts, dynamic pull up and reversals and, as you will see, high energy opposition passes.

These aircraft have a straight wing which means they have the docile handling characteristics but, as you will hear from the noisy Rolls Royce Viper engine, have the thrust characteristics of more powerful front line fighter jets. This combination proved to have outstanding flight training qualities hence the type’s success in Service.


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