Throckmorton to Attend BADA

The Throckmorton Airshow Organisers will be attending the BADA Conference 10th Feb 2022 to discuss the future of British Airshows.

In 2009 a meeting of a few airshow organisers was held at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford to discuss some of the problems faced by organisers and compare notes. Having recognised the benefits of the meeting an invitation was sent out to the wider airshow community, resulting in over 80 attending a meeting at the 2010 MoD-sponsored post-season symposium at RAF Northolt.

It was the consensus of those attending that an organisation representing the air display industry as a whole in the UK was needed. A working group was appointed who set about looking at the format, articles of association, membership and administrative details required and in April 2011 a Launch event was held and the prospective membership voted to form BADA and appointed the board.  Coincident with that decision, the Air Displays Association (Europe) disbanded and its committee confirmed its support for the new Association, encouraging its membership to join BADA

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