Tiger 9 Confirmed

This is the only display in the world to have 9 Tiger Moths in close formation!

ThTiger 9 Belvoir Castle 2011e Tiger Nine formation team was formed in response to the request for a flypast of nine Tiger Moths at the 25th de Havilland Moth Club rally at Woburn Abbey in 2005. Based on a core of former Diamond Nine members, a new team, led by Jeff Milsom, engaged in a series of practice sessions, necessary to achieve the objective of flying the large close formation flypast at Woburn. Having risen to the challenge; the team went on to develop their full display routine for seasons to come; and we’re delighted to welcome them to Throckmorton Airshow!

The Tiger Moth is rarely the first choice of machine for a formation display, it requires a mature discipline to minimise the risks involved with operating a large group of Tiger Moths simultaneously. There is, however, something very British about doing it the hard way for the sake of it. When questioned why they do it, there were a number of different responses all along the line of it being ‘real flying’, ‘fun’ and ‘flying with a group of people where there is great camaraderie’.

So please, don’t miss out! Buy your tickets today to see them display at Throckmorton Airshow.

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